Spiritual Advisor
Fr. Steven Gaudet
[email protected]

President                                                                 Faith Standing Committee Chair
Melina Nobert                                                         Jean Anderson
58 Front St., Box 154, Finch, ON K0C 1K0              28-175 Woodroffe Ave., Ottawa, ON K2A 3V2
R: 613-984-2983                                                     R: 613-680-2823
[email protected]                       [email protected]

Past Presidents/Historians                                      Service Standing Committee Chair
Angela Gaudet                                                       Michèle Hundertmark
14059 Cty. Rd. 43                                                   110 Northpark Drive, Ottawa, ON K1B 4V3
Finch, ON K0C 1K0                                                 R: 613-834-0369
R: 613-448-3126                                                     [email protected]
[email protected]
                                                                               Social Justice Standing Committee Chair
Claudette Langdon                                               Linda Lynch
393 West Ridge Drive, Stittsville, ON K2S 2G9      17273 Wheeler Rd., St. Andrew’s West, ON K0C 2A0
R:613-831-1286                                                     R: 613-933-4318 C: 613-662-8983
[email protected]                      [email protected]

Vice-President/Organization                                   Life Member Liaison
Mary Ellen James                                                  Mary Ellen Villeneuve
45 Campbell Court, Russell, ON K4R 1G7               18286 Athol Rd., Moose Creek, ON K0C 1W0
C: 613-668-9346                                                     R: 613-527-5737
[email protected]                                              [email protected]

Secretary                                                                 Service Club Liaison (Cornwall)
TBD                                                                         Angela Gaudet
                                                                                R: 613-448-3126
Treasurer                                                                 [email protected]
Lynn Pomainville
40 Church Street, Box 336,
Moose Creek, ON K0C 1W0
R: 613-930-1629
[email protected]

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